JPALMER SAFETY promotes the highest standards of racial, ethnic, sexual, disability and age equality, we have a comprehensive workforce development plan which aims to cultivate individuals in line with their career aspirations and, at the same time, address the capacity and skills needs of our growing business. JPALMER SAFETY will actively promote any employee wishing to embark on any work for a charitable reason..

Our customers

The culture within JPALMER SAFETY is to build long term relationships with our clients. Through these close links and continual dialogue our business has met ever changing business needs and remains at the forefront of our industry. Our commitment is to hold high levels of stock in our main UK warehouse ensuring constant supply of our product range. Our mission is to continually achieve “Total Customer Satisfaction” and this philosophy has enabled our business to grow through long-term retention.


Our ethos with our supply chain is to promote business partners that offer environmentally friendly products and keep waste products and emissions to a minimum. Our policies are both conveyed to all suppliers and preference given to those who mirror the ethics within our business. We have regular audits of all main suppliers to ensure the high quality of our products is consistent and that corporate responsibility is reflected.


JPALMER SAFETY has an environmental policy in place as part of our social responsibility. This is not just lip service but we actively promote recycling and utilise used boxes and pallets in our warehouse facility. The concept of our national distribution networks vastly reduces the mileage that vehicles need travel and therefore vastly reduces emissions as a consequence.


Our business is all about relationships on a one to one level as well as corporately. Long term suppliers and customers are integral to the ongoing success of JPALMER SAFETY